Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter
  • Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter

Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter


The Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter is made with silken, elastic tulle material. Ultra comfortable, its blue trim makes this a bridal garter a great “something blue.”

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When it comes to your wedding day, you want nothing left out when it comes to following classic wedding traditions. This, of course, means keeping up the time-honoured decision to wear a garter on your big day.

A garter serves a fundamental and important purpose, but it is also part of the long-standing, fun tradition of the garter toss at a reception. Don’t miss a single detail on your wedding day and ensure that you are enjoying all of the traditions that you want to engage in with the Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter.

Not only does this garter prepare you for the celebrated garter toss, the Charbelle Tulle Wedding Garter features a thin, blue trim along its centre. This trim falls into the “something blue” category of another well-loved wedding tradition, allowing you to take care of two traditions at once. Incredibly comfortable, you will forget that you are wearing this silky, beautiful garter thanks to its comfortable elastic stretch and touchably soft tulle material. Dazzling crystals on the front provide the perfect finishing touch and an excellent way to capture the attention of every guest in the house when it is time for the toss.


Features and Benefits:

– The Charbelle is able to excellently fit your thigh securely and easily thanks to its forgiving elastic band that will stretch to most sizes.

– Ultra accommodating, this bridal garter comes standard as a 14-inch garter that can be stretched using the elastic up to a tight yet comfortable size of 22 inches around.

– Perfect for keeping up with the “something blue” tradition of most weddings, the Charbelle garter features a thin, dainty blue trim along its centre so that nothing gets left out.

– Featuring delicate and sophisticated crystals, this wedding garter will dazzle your guests as it shimmers in the beautiful light at your wedding venue.

– Because of its eye-catching sparkle, this garter will show up perfectly in photos when the time comes for the bride to toss the garter.

– The fabric of this garter is crafted out of a silken, ultra soft and comfortable tulle fabric that will not irritate the skin, no matter how long you wear it.

– As is tradition, the white fabric of this garter will match your dress perfectly so that you can feel beautiful from the inside out.

– This garter for weddings features beautiful, classic ballerina ruffles that add a bit of texture, allowing it to stand out among other wedding garters.

– Romantic and enticing, you can be sure that this garter will look as gorgeous and as striking as wearing it makes you feel.

– The Parisian Bride is so much more than just a wedding garter Ireland based shop; you can find everything you need to match this garter such as the Sarah Headband or the sparkling Annabelle Bridal Hair Comb.


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