Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings – Genuine Pearl Bridal Earrings
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Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings – Genuine Pearl Bridal Earrings


Combining the beauty of genuine, fresh water pearls and the gleam of sterling silver to get the Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings–the perfect wedding earrings


Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings

When your hair has been perfectly cut and styled and your makeup has been applied flawlessly, it becomes time for you to think about what sort of earrings you want to wear. Choosing drop earrings such as the Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings allows you to wear beautiful, dangling earrings that are not so long where they will get in your way, but are the perfect length to help frame your face, accentuating your cheekbones and your eyes. When you choose these genuine pearl earrings, you are saying to every guest at your ceremony that you have a true sense of sophisticated style and want to show it by adhering to the time-honoured tradition of wearing pearls at one’s wedding.

The Corona Silver Drop Pearl Earrings are completely handmade right here in Ireland, promising that each pair is totally unique. This provides you with a wedding accessory that no one else will have, making your wedding attire that much more special. These are not only made from pearls, but they feature a striking stainless steel that is sure to shine and contrast beautifully against the pearls themselves for a totally chic and elegant look.

Features and Benefits

– Each pair of these drop pearl earrings has been handmade in County Louth, making it so that no two pairs are identical and lending you a wedding accessory that is utterly unique to only you.

– Because of their high quality composition, these pearl drop earrings are built to last a lifetime, ensuring that you can wear them over and over again or put them up in a shadow box with your other wedding accessories to cherish for years to come.

– Made from dazzling, gleaming sterling silver, these wedding earrings are sure to stand the test of time and will not tarnish easily, leaving you with earrings that have a beautiful sheen underneath any sort of light, natural or otherwise.

– A natural, fresh water pearl is found on each pair of these bridal earrings, allowing you to enjoy the classic bridal appearance that is centred around beautiful pearls.

– Elegant, sophisticated and absolutely timeless, these drop earrings will go perfectly with any sort of wedding ensemble, ensuring a flawless look, no matter what your style might be.

– Not only are these wonderful earrings for a beautiful bride, they make excellent accessories for the bridesmaids to wear in order to have them all matching one another.



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