Kara Wedding Bracelet- Combining Classic Pearls and Crystals
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Kara Wedding Bracelet- Combining Classic Pearls and Crystals


The Kara Wedding Bracelet couples stunning, traditional pearls with the shine and brilliance of Swarovski crystals in order to achieve a traditional bridal look.


Kara Wedding Bracelet

When choosing your bridal jewelry, having to make the decision between a classic strand of beautiful, traditional pearls or the dazzling brilliance of crystals can be a tough choice. Fortunately for you, that problem will be whisked away when you take home the Kara Wedding Bracelet! This striking bridal bracelet combines both the appeal of pearls and the sheen of crystals to provide you with a stunning way to achieve a classic bridal appearance with the addition of a single piece of jewelry.

The Kara Wedding Bracelet is composed of two strands of pearls with varying sizes of Swarovski crystals in the front. Simple to slip on in the dressing room before the ceremony, it comes with a sterling lobster clasp closure that eliminates the hassle of some of the more tedious closures, leaving you plenty of time to perfect the rest of your appearance. The bracelet measures 20 centimeters around, able to fit nearly any wrist to ensure that every bride feels stunning and beautiful on her big day.

Features and Benefits:

– Get the classic bridal look with the combination of a pearl crystal bracelet!

– Sterling silver Swarovski crystals line up beside the pearls featured in the centre to provide a dazzling effect that will certainly catch the light of any indoor or outdoor wedding venue.

– This bracelet features two parallel strands of decadent pearls for a perfectly sized, intriguing and noticeable bracelet that will pull your wedding ensemble together

– This striking bracelet not only makes for a beautiful bracelet for the lovely bride, these can easily become silver bracelets for bridesmaids who want to add a bit of a classic flair to their look.

– Measuring a comfortable 20 centimeters around, this bridal bracelet is able to accommodate most wrist sizes.

– In order to take away some of the stress of getting ready for your ceremony, the bracelet is finished with a sterling silver, easy-to-use lobster clasp that matches the Swarovski crystals excellently

– Each strand of the bracelet features both 4 millimeter and 6 millimeter Swarovski pearls that add a nice touch of depth and diversity to your look.

– There is a gleaming, 12-millimeter Swarovski crystal in the centre of the bracelet to complement the two other crystals and add the perfect finishing flair to the bracelet.

– The Kara Wedding Bracelet goes beautifully with the matching Anú Kara Earrings, helping you achieve a flawless, streamlined and completed look.


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