Mary Hair Comb – Ivory Beaded, Lacey Bridal Hair Combs
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Mary Hair Comb – Ivory Beaded, Lacey Bridal Hair Combs


A subtle way to accessorize your hair, the Mary Hair Comb is a classy, traditional hair comb that features ivory beading and a lace appliqué for a timeless look.


Mary Hair Comb

When you are deciding on how you will do your hair, some brides enjoy going the traditional route of choosing a bridal veil, while some others choose a nice, subtle headband instead. Then there are the brides who want something elegant, yet smaller than those two options, and for those types of styles, you have the option of beautiful head combs such as the Mary Hair Comb. This striking accessory is the perfect complement to your hair and will draw the eyes of your guests to your meticulously styled locks without overshadowing the hairstyle.

This dazzling comb for your hair features Ivory beads that have been arranged to look like a small bouquet of flowers. On top of this crisp white decoration is a lace appliqué, giving these flowers a unique touch of texture that really adds dimension to your hair. The Mary Hair Comb is small, yet will definitely be noticed by your wedding guests. Even so, due to its size, you won’t have to worry about it weighing down your hair or potentially ruining your look by pulling at the strands.

Features and Benefits:

– Elegant and high-class, the Mary Hair Comb is a beautiful way to add an accessory to your perfectly styled wedding hairstyle, whether it is an up-do or long, cascading locks.

– Bridal hair combs are a unique accessory that can replace the traditional veil in order to give your wedding a contemporary upgrade but in a subtle way.

– These bridal hair accessories are made with Ivory beads, a highly sought-after material that will not only match the white in your dress effortlessly, it will show off your impeccable sense of style in an understated fashion.

– Overlaying the Ivory beads in these wedding hair combs is a striking lace applique that gives the Mary Hair Comb a beautiful bit of texture.

– This hair comb comes in the shape of white flowers, a perfect way to tie in your hair accessories to the bouquet that you will be carrying, no matter the colour or type of flowers you have chosen.

– Measuring 12 centimeters in length by 5 centimeters in width, this comb is the perfect size for getting noticed by your wedding guests without the comb overshadowing the rest of your hairstyle.

– Pair this comb with the Lace Garter at The Parisian Bride to enjoy a lace-themed ensemble, especially if your dress also features any lace.




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